A Secretary, a Treasurer and five other members are elected to the committee each year at the AGM. At the end of each committee year, the WGVRA committee also nominates four representative members on to the committee of the Peace Centre Charity.

The current WGVRA committee is as follows:

  • Chris Buckley¬†(Hon Treasurer)
  • Marie Buckley
  • Claire Dunn
  • Sarah Guild¬†(Chair)
  • Deborah Sherry
  • Micky Shirley
  • David Walsh (Hon Sec)

Trustees of the Peace Centre Charity Committee are as follows:

  • Chris Buckley (Treasurer & Representative Member)
  • Marie Buckley
  • Claire Dunn
  • Sarah Guild (Chair & Representative Member)
  • Charlotte Lewis
  • Deborah Sherry (Representative Member)
  • David Walsh (Secretary)

The next meeting of both Committees will be held on Fri 13th Sep 2019 at 7.30pm.