Chilli and Quiz night

For the adults (all welcome):The Woldingham Garden Village Residents Association are again running the ever popular Pub Night – Quiz and Chilli at the Peace Centre Hall!  A gourmet version of chilli and pudding will be served!

WHAT: Chilli Quiz Night! Sat. 19th Nov 2016 From 7.30pm (quiz starts 8.00pm); General Knowledge Quiz, Table Top Quizzes – teams of 4-8
WHERE: Garden Village Peace Centre Hall (Hilltop Walk in front of No 30).
HOW MUCH: £10 per ticket (must reserve in advance).includes 
Chilli-con-carne, sides and pud (please advise when booking if vegetarian) Licensed Bar, Margarita the special drink of the night!
To buy or reserve your ticket for either of these events please contact: Sarah or Allan Tel: 01883 650160 Email:

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