Donate a plant afternoon

Date - 21/04/2012
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

As the Village Hall improvements continue, the finer weather beckons us to garden area. Hedges have been pruned, grass has been tended, flower beds cleared and all are ready for a new and exciting year.The WGVRA are committed to making your village hall the heart of our community,a place where young and old can socialise whilst enjoying the surroundings that so many communities long for. We are extremely fortunate to have the Village Hall so let’s make it proud!

Ideas (preferably Deer resistant)

Climbing Plants (Rambling roses/Clematis/Honeysuckle, etc), Hydrangea Bushes, Ornamental Grasses, Perennial plants, Annuals to accommodate 4 hanging baskets and 2 rectangle planters, Flowering/scented plants, Ornamental fir trees, Any plants you may have that you may be ‘thinning’ .

Also, if you are having a spring clearout, we would love to become the new proud owners of any unwanted garden furniture, especially tables, chairs, umbrellas, trellis and we wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a second hand shed!

We are basically starting from scratch so, absolutely ANYTHING would be sincerely appreciated.

Contact: Amy Ord ( Tel: 01883 650252)

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