AGM notice – Fri 13th June 19.30

The  Annual General Meetings of the Woldingham Garden Village Residents Association (WGVRA), the Garden Village Peace Centre Hall and the Woldingham Garden Village Road Fund Assocation (WGVRFA) will take place on Friday 13 June, 2014 at 19.30.

It has been a busy year for Hall hire, which has kept some funds coming in for Hall upkeep.  It has been a quieter year for volunteers and thus events, as many of our regular volunteers had less time on their hands.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Whether it is twice a year to mow the grass, one day to tile the bathroom, or once or twice a year to spend a few hours helping out on an event or attending a meeting.  What do we need?  Committee members.  All committee positions are open.  What else do we need?  Volunteers from time to time, even if it is once per year.

  Please consider helping your community and your local Village Hall.

The AGM notices and nomination forms for the WGVRA and the Garden Village Peace Centre Trustees are available here (WGVRA and Charity).  Remember, to vote at the WGVRA meeting you need to be a paid member and the membership year commenced again in March! Membership remains the same at £30 per household (or £15 per individual member).  We will accept payment at the meeting but prefer it before!

We hope to see you all at our meeting and the social evening afterward!  As ever, savoury and sweet food will be available and the bar will be open.

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